Our Migration services helps ease the transition to PostgreSQL

Our services include

DDL and DML migration to PostgreSQL

We convert all of your identified DDL and DML to PostgreSQL. All Oracle specific code, datatypes and database objects are converted to native PostgreSQL code.

One time data migration + streaming replication.

Data is migrated from Oracle and restored to PostgreSQL. Subsequently, streaming replication is setup to ensure that PostgreSQL cluster is always upto date.

Sharding services

We help shard your database to remove the need to vertically scale out your database.


We will help impart structured training to your team on all facets of PostgreSQL management.

Whether you want to move to an Oracle RAC cluster, a simple high write cluster with HA, or a high read cluster - we can help. Our services help you make the transition into PostgreSQL, much easier.

Why work with us?
  • Demonstrated experience in migrating large Oracle clusters to PostgreSQL
  • Experience / expertise in sharding databases to achieve optimal performance without having to vertically scale.
  • Low downtime migrations from Oracle to PostgreSQL.